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Entrepreneurship Today

Di: Giovanna Dossena

Entrepreneurship Today

ISBN: 9788838672378,
Prezzo: € 24,00
Pubblicazione: gennaio 2010
Pagine: 280
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This book reviews some of the fundamental issues that underlie the present international debate on the theme of entrepreneurship, which has focused the attention of several schools of thought, to deeper our understanding of its theoretical implications but also to improve the methods and scope of empirical research.
Its diverse topics, ranging from policy to entrepreneurial instruments, all share a concern for the factors that bring about business development, understood primarily not in terms of dimensional growth but as an opportunity for pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities in an increasingly complex competitive setting. In line with this concern, the book addresses more specific aspects, many of which await further investigation.
As a theme, entrepreneurship is attracting considerable interest, thanks to the wide spectrum of cases, experiences and new phenomena observed in global competition, which involve both the behaviour of firms and the new arrangements and behavioural patterns of the markets they compete in. The purpose is not only to find suitable interpretive patterns but also representational models that are effective and thus capable of expressing normative values.


Part I - Food for Thought
1. Entrepreneurship Today (G. Dossena)
2. Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth (D.B. Audretsch)
3. The Entrepreneur and the Good Administration of the Firm (R. Cafferata)
4. Boards of Directors and Corporate Innovation (J. Gabrielsson and M. Huse)
5. Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Policies. National and Local Perspectives (C. Karlsson)
Part II - Research Session
6. Entrepreneurial Propensity: An Empirical Investigation (C. Bettinelli, G. Dossena and C. Karlsson)
7. Is Entrepreneurial ManagementWorth Talking About? A Process Definition of Entrepreneurship (K. Randerson and A. Fayolle)
8. The Relationship Between Entrepreneurship and Firm Performance. An Approach Based on Entrepreneursí Subjective Characteristics (Thomas and R. Passaro)
9. Entrepreneurial orientation and firm performance in SMEs. A preliminary study (A. Tognazzo, P. Gubitta, M. Gianecchini and G. Costa)
10. Systematic Approach for Value Creation through Innovations (T. Tukiainen)
11. Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation: An Analysis of Italian Provinces (B. Del Bosco)
12. The influence of vertical and shared leadership within new venture foundersí teams on the performance of spin-offs (F. Destro, M. Gianecchini, P. Gubitta and G. Costa)
13. Exploring the Emergence of Medium Firms Through the Theory of Creative Action (S. La Rocca, L. Brena and R. Arta)
14. Rowing Against the Tide: The Struggle to Enhance Entrepreneurship in a Hostile Region (C.E. Schillaci and M. Nicotra)
15. Turnaround Financing in Italy (A. Danovi)


Giovanna Dossena

Giovanna Dossena is Professor of Economics and Business Management at the University of Bergamo. She is the Director of ELab - Center for Research on Entrepreneurship - active in the field of entrepreneurial training and research studies. ELab operates three divisions: Masterís programs (post-graduate education), business incubators (Bricks up), and Ocri - Company Crisis and Turnaround Research Center - a venture jointly run with Bocconi Universityís Findustria center, with the aim of monitoring and studying business performance. She is also a member of the Kilometro Rosso Science & Technology Park's advisory board and the author of numerous studies and research projects concerning competition and competitive governance.


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