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Sustainable Development Targets and Local Participation in Minor Deprived Communities

Di: Michela Tiboni, Paolo Ventura

Sustainable Development Targets and Local Participation in Minor Deprived Communities

ISBN: 9788838666896,
Prezzo: € 25,00
Pubblicazione: gennaio 2010
Pagine: 182
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This book is a deliverable of C27 Cost Action "Sustainable Development Policies for Minor Deprived Urban Communities". The Action tackles the problem of minor deprived communitiesĺ protection and rehabilitation and is geared to sustainable development. The main objective of the Action is to explore, assess and improve the different policy options geared to sustainable development that are open to small deprived communities. This book has been published with the contribution of COST, which is an intergovernmental framework for European Cooperation in Science and Technology, allowing the coordination of nationally-funded research on a European level.
The goal of COST is to ensure that Europe holds a strong position in the field of scientific and technical research for peaceful purposes, by increasing European cooperation and interaction in this field. This research initiative makes it possible for the various national facilities, institutes, universities and private industry to work jointly on a wide range of Research and Development (R&D) activities.
The contents were discussed during the following three meetings organized by COST C27 Action "Sustainable Development Policies for Minor Deprived Urban Communities" in Prague, Sundsvall and Brescia. The contributions underwent a peer review procedure by the Management Committee of the COST C27 Action.

Editors: Michela Tiboni and Paolo Ventura

List of Authors: Cristina C. Danko, Damianos Damianakos, Enrique J. Calderon, Filippo Garlanda, Hans Gillgren, Ilaria Fumagalli, Juha Kotilainen, J¨lia M. Lourenšo, Karel Schmeidler, Katalin Csorba, Louis - M. Boulianne, Mark Reinhard, Mark Santos, Michela Tiboni, Paolo Ventura, Renata Giedych, Simo Palviainen.


Introduction - Paolo VENTURA, Michela TIBONI
SESSION I - Urban Development and Rural Area Protection - Prague Workshop, 28 September 2007 - Narodni Dum Na Vinohradech, Namesti Miru
1. Planning and Development for Minor Deprived Rural Communities: Responses to a Questionnaire - Enrique J. CALDERON
2. Practice and Result of Adjustment Policies in Hungary with Special Regard to Minor Deprived Communities - Katalin CSORBA
3. Rural Area in Town and Country Planning in Italy - Ilaria FUMAGALLI, Michela TIBONI
4. Legal Basis of Rural Areas Protection in Poland - Renata GIEDYCH
5. Peripheral Regions of European Union. Case Study Czech Republic - Karel SCHMEIDLER
6. The New Contractualisation, a Fresh Approach to Participation - Simo PALVIAINEN
SESSION II - Bottom Up Perspective: Local Participation in Sustainable Development Sundsvall Workshop, 14 March 2008 - Venue Old City Hall
7. Reviewing Rural Development Plans and Programmes: a Progress Report - Enrique J. CALDERON
8. Sundsvall and Vństernorrland: A Short Introduction - Hans GILLGREN
9. Local or Trans-local? Situated Participation in the Politics of Sustainability - Juha KOTILAINEN
10. Struggling with Quantitative-Qualitative Definitions for Minor Deprived Urban Communities - J˙lia M. LOURENăO, Cristina C. DANKO
11. Public Participation, a Restoring Tool for Democracy? - Simo PALVIAINEN
12. "Regio Plus" in Switzerland: A Regional Development Policy for Local Actors - Mark REINHARD, Louis-M. BOULIANNE
13. Case Studies Database and S.W.O.T. Analysis - Paolo VENTURA, Michela TIBONI , Filippo GARLANDA, Ilaria FUMAGALLI
SESSION III - Case Studies Selection and Analysis Young Researchers Working Group Meeting - Brescia, 29-30-31 October, 2008 DICATA - University of Brescia
14. Case Studies Selection and Analysis - Filippo GARLANDA, Michela TIBONI
15. The Portuguese Case Study Selection - Cristina DANKO, Mark SANTOS
Thematic Bibliography 179 - Damianos DAMIANAKOS

Subject Index - Diletta ARCANGELETTI, Andrea GERMANI


Michela Tiboni, Paolo Ventura

Michela Tiboni
UniversitÓ degli Studi di Brescia
Paolo Ventura
UniversitÓ degli Studi di Parma
Dipartimento Ingegneria Civile, dell'Ambiente del Territorio e Architettura


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