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Energy Issues and Social Sciences. Theories and Applications

Di: Alfredo Agustoni e Mara Maretti

Energy Issues and Social Sciences. Theories and Applications

ISBN: 9788838673627,
Prezzo: € 23,00
Pubblicazione: dicembre 2012
Pagine: 188
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Despite its centrality, the energy problem has always occupied a relatively marginal space in social research. Many scholars are actually concentrating their attention on communication about energy issues, risk and environmental struggles tied to building energy plants. In spite of the relevance of these issues, which are also the topics of some of this book chapters, our field of interest is much wider, concerning relations between energy and society. So, communication, risk, trust, acceptability, public policies, governance, technology, work, sustainability, development, politics, organisations, are the key words of this book. These words show the indissoluble link between energy issues and social sciences. According to such a perspective, the objectives of the volume are on the one hand to show the relevance of energy issues in explaining social change, and on the other to highlight how research in the field of social sciences can be useful, in applicative terms, both to support and to address public decisions.


About the Authors
1) Introduction: Energy, Trust and Public Opinion
2) Energy, Social Change and the “Emergency” of the Energy Issue
3) Energy Resources and Environmental Systems: Sociology and Geopolitics
4) Energy as a Social Fact. Considerations on the Very Concretely Intangible
5) Assessing the Sustainability of Energy and Environmental Policies in the Era of the “Green Economy”: A Theoretical Review
6) Methodologies and Early Results in the Application of the Energy Analysis Program to the Italian Context
7) The Social Economy and Low-Carbon Energy Transition
8) From First to Second Generation Biofuels: Putting Social Aspects on the Scale
9) The Difficult Relation between Planning and Improvisation in Environmental and Technological Policy
10) Risk, Uncertainty and Expert Knowledge in the Local Acceptance of a “Quiet Energy”
11) Toward a Social History of Nuclear Plants: Garigliano Decommissioning
12) Citizens and New Spaces for Communic(Action): The 2011 Nuclear Power Referendum in Italy
13) The Wind-Farm Developer: A New Green Expertise Connecting Métier and Profession
14) Green Hospitality. The Choice of Renewable Energy Supply as a “Good Reason” for More Sustainable Tourist Practices


Alfredo Agustoni e Mara Maretti

Alfredo Agustoni (Ph.D.) is Researcher and Professor in Urban and Environmental Sociology at the University of Chieti-Pescara. His main areas of research concern the relationships between Space and Society, dwelling issues and immigration, urban and environmental conflicts and energy issues. With Mara Maretti, he was the scientific director of the International Conference “Social Aspects of Energetic Issues” - Chieti (Italy), 26-27 May 2011. Among his main publications: Sociologia dei luoghi ed esperienza urbana (Milano: Angeli, 2000), I vicini di casa (Milano: Angeli, 2003), Diritto alla casa, diritto alla città, (Roma: Aracne, 2005), Intorno al Mondo Nuovo (Roma: Aracne, 2008).
Mara Maretti (Ph.D.) is Researcher in Sociology and Professor of Social Policies at the University of Chieti- Pescara. Her main research interests focus on the sociological aspects of energy issues, public policies, participation methodologies and sustainable tourism. Among her recent main publications: Maretti, M. and Salvatore, R. (2012) “The Link between Sustainable Tourism and Local Social Development: a Sociological Reassessment.” Sociologica; co-editor with Alfredo Agustoni of a monographic number of the International Review of Sociology “Energy and its Social Implications.” 3/2012.


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