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Over the Rainbow City - Towards a new LGBT citizenship in Italy

Di: Fabio Corbisiero

Over the Rainbow City

ISBN: 9788838674839,
Prezzo: € 38,00
Pubblicazione: aprile 2015
Pagine: 216
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The last decade has brought astonishing changes into the arena of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights, culture, and everyday life, but while the European Union is seriously concerned about LGBT issues, in Italy the homosexuals still represent a vulnerable group and continue to be victims of persecution, discrimination, bullying and gross ill-treatment. From this point of view the Italian state is still fugitive.This book presents a multidisciplinary analysis of the LGBT situation in Italy. Sociologists, jurists, statisticians and psychologists aim their point of view on the homosexual issue. The contemporary claims of Italian homosexual citizens include an insistence on equal treatment in employment, housing, education, marriage and the right to participate fully in the political process. But of course, feeling fully included in the society in which they live entails more than the formal acquisition of legal equality. According to such a perspective, the objective of the volume is on the one hand to theorize the relevance of the so-called "rainbow cities" as to LGBT policies and movements, and on the other hand to present the "Italian Rainbow City Index" which is an inclusiveness index that identifies policies, interventions and other urban levers which have proven effective at ameliorating marginality and promoting LGBT equity and citizenship.


Chapter 1 Rainbow Italy. Inclusive and Exclusive Cities
Fabio Corbisiero
Chapter 2 Rainbow Italian City Index
Gabriella Grassia, Anna Lisa Amodeo, Flavia Menna, Rosanna Cataldo, Simona Picariello, Cristiano Scandurra
Chapter 3 LGBT Italy. A Rainbow-oriented "Boot-shaped" Peninsula
Fabio Corbisiero, Amalia Caputo, Antonella Avolio, Fabrizio Canfora, Carmine Urciuoli
Chapter 4 The Juridical Situation of Homosexuals.
The Italian National Stance and a Comparative Viewpoint
Salvatore Prisco, Fulvia Abbondante, Marina Monaco

Chapter 5 Rainbow Cities: Mayors' Rules and Strategies
Anna Maria Zaccaria, Salvatore Monaco, Carmine Urciuoli


Fabio Corbisiero

Fabio Corbisiero (Ph.D.) is Professor of Sociology at the Department of Social Sciences of the University of Naples Federico II. He has been appointed Research Fellow at CUNY University (NewYork City, 2009-2010), KTH-Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (Stockholm, 2011), UCD-University College Dublin (Dublin, 2013), UMI-Université Moulay Ismaïl (Meknès, 2013-2015). He is editor of Certe cose si fanno. Identità, genere e sessualità nella popolazione LGBT (Napoli, 2010) and of Comunità Omosessuali. Le scienze sociali sulla popolazione LGBT (Milano, 2013). He has also published several es says on LGBT issues. He is Scientific Coordinator of "Osservatorio LGBT" (University of Naples - Department of Social Sciences) and board member of "AIS Studi di Genere" (Italian Association of Sociology - Gender Studies Area).


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