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Minor Communities and Natural and Cultural Heritage: an Asset or a Liability?

Di: (edited by) Damianos Damianakos, Paolo Ventura, Neophytos Zavrides

Minor Communities and Natural and Cultural Heritage: an Asset or a Liability?

ISBN: 9788838672637,
Prezzo: € 26,00
Pubblicazione: febbraio 2011
Pagine: 444
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The sustainable development of deprived urban communities has become a critical issue due to the combined phenomena of population growth and urbanisation in the last 50 years. A marked improvement in the policy options open to small and deprived urban communities constitute a guarantee in the drive towards sustainable development.
For the last four years, the group of international experts involved in the COST Action C27 (Sustainable Development Policies for Minor Deprived Urban Communities) has successfully singled out indicators and specific techniques that analyse threats to sustainability leading to cultural heritage dereliction, specific planning protocols and techniques for guaranteeing the effectiveness of planning tools, and finally ad hoc eco-engineering techniques in order to start or help the revitalisation processes; all of which were developed in order to provide information to local authorities and create a civic society able to challenge unsustainable local development proposals.
This COST Action clearly highlights the purpose of COST as an enabling agent for the development of (operational) approaches that can benefit European Science, Society or Economy, thanks to the constructive exchange of information.
The COST Action C27 constitutes an initiative within the portfolio of the COST Domain (Transport and Urban Development) which deals with transport issues, land use planning and management within or around urban areas, environmental management, urban-rural relationships, safety and security, reconstruction, rehabilitation and renovation, disaster management, logistics, and cultural heritage as well having bearings on the engineering, construction, and architecture of urban structures. The Domain involves scientists, practitioners, decision-makers and industry in basic and applied research activities based on integrated and interdisciplinary approaches. These lead to technical developments, standards and policy recommendations.

Editors: Damianos Damianakos, Paolo Ventura, Neophytos Zavrides

List of Authors: Daniela Fantoni Álvares, Edith Andrésen, Diletta Arcangeletti, Louis, Boulianne, Valentín Cabero Diéguez, Savvas Charalambous, Damianos Damianakos, Cristina Danko, André De Naeyer, Filippo Garlanda, Renata Giedych, Thierry Goger, George Karantounias, Maria Leus, Júlia Maria Lourenço, Heléne Lundberg, Angel Marinero, Rebecka Nolmark, Eleni Papazoglou, Nicoletta Paphitou, Giorgio Pizziolo, Riikka Puhakka, Simon Richoz, Juan Luis de las Rivas Sanz, Tommy Roxenhall, Zoubir Sahli, Karel Schmeidler, Konstantinos Serelis, Michela Tiboni, José Luis Vazquez, Paolo Ventura, Savvas Vergas, Alexandra Wiszniewska, Neophytos Zavrides.


1 Monitoring Tourism Processes for Sustainable Development - Júlia Maria LOURENÇO, Daniela Fantoni ÁLVARES, Cristina Carvalho DANKO
2 Rural Areas and Sustainable Tourism in Cyprus - Nicoletta PAPHITOU
3 Deprived Mountain Communities and Territories: Risks and Challenges. The Mountain Areas in North Algiers, Algeria - Zoubir SAHLI
5. Renewal Processes of Rural Villages in Czech Republic - Karel SCHMEIDLER
6 Rehabilitation and Regeneration of a Typical Village in Erimi, Cyprus - Neophytos ZAVRIDES
7 Developing Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas in Finland: Oulanka and Koli National Parks - Riikka PUHAKKA
8 Cultural Biography as an Instrument of Revitalisation. Haspengouw, Belgium - Maria LEUS, André DE NAEYER
9 Small Communities and Planning Policies in Protected Areas. IniaVillage, Cyprus - Savvas CHARALAMBOUS
10 Strategic Development Plan, San Ildefonso - La Granja, Spain - José Luis VAZQUEZ
11 Interadministrative Coordination For Management. Strengths and Weaknesses in the Experience of the Plan for the Management of Natural Resources of Guadarrama Mountain Range, Spain - Valentín CABERO DIÉGUEZ
12 Planning for Sustainable Development in Castilla y León, Spain - Angel MARINERO
13 The Meaning of Spatial Planning, Guidelines for the Territorial Planning of Segovia and Surrounding Areas, Segovia, Spain - Juan Luis de las RIVAS SANZ
14 Containment of Mountain Depopulation and Coastal Urban Sprawl: Alpi Apuane and Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli Regional Parks, Tuscany, Italy - Damianos DAMIANAKOS, Giorgio PIZZIOLO
15 Preservation Policies and MDC in the Buffer Zone of the National Park of the Casentino Forests, Mount Falterona and Campigna, Tuscany, Italy - Paolo VENTURA, Damianos DAMIANAKOS
16 An Eco-industrial and Natural Park. Lavrion City and Sounion National Park, Attica-Greece - George KARANTOUNIAS, Damianos DAMIANAKOS, Konstantinos SERELIS, Eleni PAPAZOGLOU
17 Local Participation and Involvement: Metodological Approach in COST Action C27 - Rebecka NOLMARK, Paolo VENTURA
18 Social Capital and Development. Val-de-Travers Region, Switzerland - Louis-M. BOULIANNE, Simon RICHOZ
19 Local Action Groups in Regional Parks in Lombardia Region, Italy - Michela TIBONI, Filippo GARLANDA
20 Competence Development for Process Leaders in Networks, Västernorrland, Sweden - Edith ANDRÉSEN, Tommy ROXENHALL, Heléne LUNDBERG


(edited by) Damianos Damianakos, Paolo Ventura, Neophytos Zavrides

Damianos Damianakos
AUA Athens
Paolo Ventura
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, dell’Ambiente, del Territorio e Architettura, University of Parma
Neophytos Zayrides
Zavrides Consulting


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