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Advances in Tourism Studies - In memory of Clara S. Petrillo

Di: a cura di Alfonso Morvillo

Advances in Tourism Studies

ISBN: 9788838673351,
Prezzo: € 29,00
Pubblicazione: settembre 2012
Pagine: 516
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Advances in Tourism Studies. In memory of Clara S. Petrillo” is the first issues of the collection “Services and Competitiveness”, a new editorial initiative aimed at gathering the most significant results of the research carried out by the Institute for Services Industry Research of the National Research Council (IRAT-CNR, on the subject of competition between territories. The volume is based on five very compelling and current themes both on a theoretical and practical level, and as many sections named after them. The first section, entitled Policy for Tourism Industry, highlights the complex set of challenges for policy makers to support an important and rapidly evolving Industry. The second section entitled Destination Management Issues analyzes how a territory’s tourism development is conditioned by the capacity of building, around the so-called “tourism destinations”, a series of participative and coordinated strategic, organizational and operational actions with the goal of a balanced increase in incoming tourism flows and of meeting the needs of all involved economic actors. The third section, Customer Experience and Value Creation, is extremely significant and current since some of the fastest growing sectors of the global economy are related to the consumption of experiences and one of these is just tourism: the definition and management of tourist experience is the emerging source of economic value. The fourth section entitled Cultural Heritage Management is part of a broader perspective on the subject of culture as a lever to develop the territory. Rather than focusing on an individual cultural resource’s ability to “produce value” by activating direct, indirect or induced expenditure flows, in this context we look at the set of existing resources as the foundation to build lasting development processes on, where culture itself acts as catalyst for the process. The last section focuses on the relationship between Culture, Creativity and Sustainable Development. Both the academic community and the public institutions emphasise the potential of cultural and creative activities in boosting the attractiveness of regions and cities and favouring sustainable local development, by contributing to economic growth, employment, innovation, social cohesion and well-being, as well as cultural diversity.


1) The multilevel governance of tourism in Europe
2) A model for the analysis of territorial competitiveness
3) Improving the Italian airport network to support the tourism sector some future directions
4) Gender segregation and tourist labour market: an analysis in four European Countries
5) On ICT & Tourism. The role of innovative small firms in the Tourism Industry
6) Online destination image management. The cases of VisitTrentino and ViaggiareinPuglia
7) From “Iron Curtain” to “Green Belt” Tourism
8) The importance of interorganizational relationships in the development of the tourism destination
9) Students and retirees who move abroad: tourists or migrants?
10) Tourism destination and the role of trust
11) Statistical monitoring of tourism in the knowledge era
12) Experiential marketing for value creation in cultural heritage management
13) A model for planning and managing experiential cultural products
14) The evolution of tourist product as expression of experience-based innovation
15) Designing destination offering. Different approaches in leisure and business tourism
16) A systems view of cultural heritage. The case of landscape
17) Protection, preservation and enhancement, three main aspects of the Italian cultural heritage
18) The archaeological-industrial heritage as touristic resource of marginal areas: the case of Molise
19) Travelers and tourists in Naples between the 17th and 19th centuries
20) Cultural creativity and local development: the experience of the Socio-Cultural District of Selinunte
21) Florence as a creative, smart and resilient city: a first research agenda
22) Destination building. A strategic approach to the sustainable development of a tourism destination


a cura di Alfonso Morvillo

Clara Stefania Petrillo (1963-2010) graduated with honour in Maritime Economic Science in 1988 at Naval University Institute (now Parthenope University of Naples) and specialized in Finance at the London School of Economics and Political Science. She was Senior Researcher at the Institute for Service Industry Research of the Italian National Research Council (IRAT-CNR) where she had been working since 1988. Her main research interests lay in Business Economics with a particular focus on the Service Industry: entrepreneurship and SMEs, governance and strategies in tourism; environmental awareness and sustainable development; religious heritage; networking and destination management. Clara was the leader of many national and international projects. She was a contract professor of Tourism Management and Administration at Parthenope University of Naples and was part of the scientific and technical committee of Higher Education Programmes. She was a permanent member of the Scientific Associations among which ATLAS and AIEST, and referee for a number of International Journals. She attended many national and international conferences as Invited Speaker, Chairman, and as member of the Organizing and Scientific Committees. She published a number of books and papers on national and International Journals.


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