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Intellectual Property and Open Innovation - Unlocking the Value of Patents through Licensing

Di: Maria Isabella Leone

Intellectual Property and Open Innovation

ISBN: 9788838675348,
Prezzo: € 24,00
Pubblicazione: dicembre 2016
Pagine: 136
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This book aims to present licensing as a fruitful strategy to unlock the value of patents in the current competitive scenario, characterized by the expanding adoption of Open Innovation (OI) strategies and the increasing weight of IP. In OI settings, firms are offered a broader range of strategic reasons for both selling and buying IP, which raise the opportunity costs of failing to implement sound IP management practices. Symmetrically, firms are confronted with new challenges related to the appropriability of their innovation advantage, as they need to address multiple innovation partners. In this context, the role of licensing as a means to profit from distributed innovation and as a tool to share legally protected technology with other organizations, has become increasingly important. Consistently, the book offers a new rationale for the licensing phenomenon, which is coherent with the present day "collaborative imperative".


Cap. 1 - Profiting from Innovation: Tackling The Open Innovation Paradox
Cap. 2 - The Hidden Value of Unused Patents
Cap. 3 - Licensing to Exchange Patents in the Markets for Technology
Cap. 4 - Licensing to Unlock the Value of Patents in a Collaborative Environment


Maria Isabella Leone

Maria Isabella Leone is Assist. Prof. in Innovation at the Dep. of Business and Management of LUISS. She is a member of the Experts Group in Intellectual Property (IP) Evaluation, appointed by the Italian Patents and Trademarks Office (UIBM). She also acts as the Co-Director of the Executive Master in Open Innovation and IP, sponsored by UIBM. She has been lecturer on innovation and IP on behalf of several institutions, such as LUISS Business School and the University of Bologna, within executive, MBA, and specialized programs. She obtained her PhD in Management from the University of Bologna in 2008 with a doctoral thesis on "Technology Acquisition through Patent Licensing: Implications for Firm's Strategy". She earned a master degree cum laude in Economics and Business from LUISS in 2004. Her research specializes on licensing as a catalyst for technological learning and invention activity. On these topics she has published in top journals and international books. She was awarded a number of prizes in the field of innovation management.


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